Monday, 4 September 2017


Goldfinch are beautiful little birds with a beautiful non-stop chattery song. I posted another short poem, 'King Harry Redcap,' about them on 15 August 2015 here .


   What a window clatter!
      On wire and eave
      Goldfinch chatter –
Mummers in their livery.
Crimson casques and golden capes
Prank their jumbling oratory,
   Artless to deceive
   Like Philomel in drapes.

   Or sunk in bramble bushes,
      Noisy as water,
      Red-faced as gashes,
Greedily embezzling seed
Goldenly discussed on thistles,
Artisans of present need,
   They prattle laughter
   At the wind’s rude whistles.

© May 2014

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